Thousand Oaks Business Recognition Program

"The Latino Market and Grill's story embodies the spirit of this award perfectly. It's a story of vision and longevity; of growth and resilience. We appreciate the cultural enrichment they bring to our City," Mayor Engler remarks.  ​
The City of Thousand Oaks Business Recognition Program (BRP or “Program”) is a new program from the City’s Economic Development Division. This program is designed to highlight one exceptional Thousand Oaks business each quarter of the year for special achievements or other unique contributions made to the City relating to economic prosperity, sustainability or resilience, or other activities fostering continuous community enrichment in Thousand Oaks.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Thousand Oaks BRP Award, a business must be:

  • Commercially located (“brick and mortar”) within the City of Thousand Oaks (Home-based businesses are not eligible for this recognition program)
  • A for-profit business (Nonprofit organizations are not eligible for this recognition program)
  • Have five (5) or more employees
  • In good standing with the City (No outstanding taxes or fees)
  • Not a previous recipient of a Thousand Oaks BRP Award

Criteria for Recognition

To be considered for this recognition, a nominee must demonstrate accomplishments relating to one or more of the following areas:

  • Longevity in the City: The business has operated within the City for ten (10) or more consecutive years.
  • Business growth: The business shows substantial growth in the City (e.g., number of employees, revenue, investment attraction, additional locations, etc.)
  • Unique community benefit, product or service: The business offers a community benefit, product or service that uniquely adds to the City’s overall economic vibrancy or exquisite character.
  • Environmental sustainability leadership: The business has voluntarily developed new or adopted existing clean technology, practices or standards that measurably improve its environmental footprint in the City (e.g., reducing carbon emissions, water conservation, waste reduction, etc.). This could include current Ventura County Green Business Certification status.
  • Contribution to Community Enrichment: The business details voluntary service on government and/or non-profit boards or committees serving Thousand Oaks residents, voluntary contributions to a community project in the form of hours or financial means, partnership with local university to provide internship/hiring opportunities to local talent, or other likeness.
2022 Recognition Awardees
The Latino Market & Grill | 711 E. THOUSAND OAKS BLVD.    

In October 1991, Angel Sr. And Gina Ahumada opened the doors at 711 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. under the name “Latino Meat Market”. Their five children by their side, Angel Sr. and Gina, were proud to begin to fulfill their dream of sharing their favorite Latin American foods with their Thousand Oaks neighbors and the broader Conejo Valley.  

Angel Sr. and Gina took great care in partnering with suppliers and vendors to hand pick only the very best meats and produce. It didn’t take long before the store earned a strong regular customer base. Inspired and encouraged by customer support, the Ahumadas expanded operations to include a restaurant in 1993. This enabled them to not only provide the best ingredients for customers to make traditional dishes, now they could offer their beloved customers a place to gather, relax, and enjoy traditional dishes and unique family recipes made for them.  

Today, Angel Sr. and Gina’s dream lives on as “The Latino Market and Grill” with two of their children Michelle and Angel Jr. at the helm, assisted by 15-20 employees. What started in a single commercial space now spans across four units in 7 Oaks Plaza. Inside customers are greeted by colorful décor, welcomed with warm smiles, and kissed by the seductive aroma of Latin American cuisine.   

Walking through the doors of the Latino Market and Grill is a transportive experience. “For those needing a brief touchpoint with their Latin heritage, we provide a place of comfort and familiarity. For others who simply love Latin culture, foods and flavors, we provide a unique cultural experience right here in their own backyard. We welcome all,” Michelle says.   

When asked what she recommends most often to new customers, Michelle responds, “my favorite might be our Marinated Carne Asada with all the fixings. Our citrus marinades in general are just delicious!” Leaning in as if to share a secret, Michelle adds, “and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about our Christmas Tamales.”   

Please join us in congratulating The Latino Market and Grill, our very first Thousand Oaks Business Recognition Program award winner.

Consider stopping by in person and stepping into the Ahumada family’s living dream. Your tastebuds will thank you.